The Easiest DIY Burlap Window Treatment

I’ve figured out the easiest DIY window treatment ever. Epic statement, I know. But it’s true! This DIY project is super affordable & will only take up about 15 minutes of your day from start to finish. You can see from the post title & below picture that it’s made out of burlap. I just love the rustic touch that this gives my home! But before I jump into how to make this, I want to walk you through the dilemma that we encountered when we first moved into our home, & how this project was the perfect solution for us.

White Farmhouse Kitchen Table Makeover

Happy Sunday, everyone! I can’t believe I am just now getting around to sharing this project with you. My husband & I started re-vamping our dining set at the end of last year, right after we moved into our new place. The timing was crazy given all the unpacking, I’ll admit, but we were tired of putting it off.

Can you blame me? Check out this before picture, of the table in all of its 1950’s glory…