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DIY Rustic Organization Bins

Create Pray Love | DIY Rustic Organization Bins

DIY Friday | Post #7

Hello readers! Today I have a super easy DIY project tutorial for you if you’re in the market for practical yet rustic home organization bins.

Although I can’t imagine who wouldn’t be in the market for one of these. Am I right?

Create Pray Love | DIY Rustic Organization Bins

To make the backstory short & sweet, pictured above is the little “hallway” in our apartment. When we moved in, I knew we’d put our bath towels in the open nook since that made the most sense, but I wanted something that would make the space stand out. Then while I was still organizing and unpacking, I ran across an unstained bin which we had initially used to display the favors at our wedding reception.

I decided to give the bin a second life & stained it with the same stain I used on our Quilt Ladder. Then I left it alone to dry for a few days before I finally moved our towels  in.

Create Pray Love | DIY Rustic Organization Bins

I think they’re definitely enjoying their new little home 😉

The total budget for this project was around $10 because I bought the bin on sale for $8 and used leftover stain. Total win.

// What are your thoughts?! Think you’ll try something like this?

Create Pray Love

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