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Easy Fall Party Menu

Easy Fall Party Menu

This past Saturday, we celebrated our new place with a housewarming party- finally! We gathered with some of our favorite people & ate lots of delicious fall cuisine together. The whole thing was so fun & the food was a hit, as well as easy to put together. So today, I thought I’d share an easy fall party menu with you– for you to consider for any upcoming events!

Easy Fall Party Menu

One reason I love fall-themed parties is because I get to bust out my crock pot & impress people with my slow cooker skills. I am by no means a chef- that’s my husband all the way. But I’m learning, & I enjoy it when my limited cooking skills can make something yummy for a lot of people.

Also, isn’t there just something about warm food & fall decorations that make a home that much more cozy? Or is it just me?

Easy Fall Party Menu

I will admit that my menu probably includes a few combinations you haven’t heard of before.

For example, I like to eat cinnamon rolls with chili– because it’s actually a Western Nebraska tradition that my mom grew up with! She always tells me about being in school on a cold winter day & smelling the fresh homemade cinnamon rolls being baked down the hallway in the cafeteria.

If you’ve never tried it before, you should!

Easy Fall Party Menu

Now, here are the dishes I served at my party…

  • Beef Chili (I used this recipe)
  • Vegetarian Chili (I used this recipe)
  • Organic Blue Corn Chips 
  • Organic Rainbow Baby Carrots (because they’re fall colored!! See the above picture!)
  • Cinnamon Rolls (we just baked the Pillsbury ones from a can because it was easy)

Pro tip: Combine some of your chili ingredients in ziploc bags the night before, so that the day of your party all you have to do is dump them in the crock pot & you’re free to focus on other things!

Easy Fall Party Menu

  • Spiced Hot Apple Cider
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Tea

Bonus tip: Want to create an interactive spiced apple cider bar for your guests? Click here for a fun tutorial on how to create one!

Easy Fall Party Menu

  • Fruit & Veggies
  • Appetizers
  • Bread
  • Corn bread (great for your Gluten Free friends)
  • Dessert (pie, fudge, cookies, etc.)


And in case you want some decoration tips as well, I found almost everything for this party at the dollar store– including plates, hot drink cups, & the galvanized bucket pictured above! I then used some mason jars I had sitting around to display my plastic utensils. One of my friends even brought a bouquet of sunflowers!

My home was also pre-decorated a little bit for fall due to some of my recent DIY projects. Here a few links to my posts on how to create a rustic fall wreath & 4 steps to creating a dollar store Thanksgiving tablescape!

Happy planning! 🙂


Easy Fall Party Menu




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  • Reply
    November 9, 2016 at 4:26 pm

    My friend actually does peanut butter sandwiches with her chili, so not the only odd combo I’ve heard. 😉

    • Reply
      Create Pray Love
      November 10, 2016 at 9:45 am

      HA! That is hilarious! 😉 So good to know!

  • Reply
    Lori Kline
    November 10, 2016 at 9:55 pm

    Again, at school, we ate peanut butter and honey sandwiches with chicken noodle soup! Yummy!

    • Reply
      Create Pray Love
      November 17, 2016 at 3:01 pm

      I never knew that! Hey, I grew up on peanut butter and honey sandwiches, too! 😉

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