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DIY Earring Organizer

Create Pray Love | DIY Earring Organizer

DIY Friday | Post #6

Hey ladies, today’s post is for you! I love this earring organizer because it’s so easy to make, as well as inexpensive & completely customizable.

Create Pray Love | DIY Earring Organizer

The idea came to me while I was browsing @ the craft store. Big surprise, right?! [I swear, sometimes I spend hours there and leave without even buying anything!]

I was desperate for a cute way to organize & display my stud and hoop earrings. And when I saw this frame I knew it would be just the thing! I then continued wandering until I could find those mesh plastic sheets I used for latch hook yarn projects growing up. [’90s kids, you with me here?]

And once I had my basic supplies in hand, I started my search to find the perfect paint colors! I am honestly really happy with how mine turned out in the end.

Create Pray Love | DIY Earring Organizer

Do you want to make one for yourself? Here’s what you’ll need: (*affiliate links provided)

    • An unfinished wooden frame with a peg stand (such as this one or this one*)
    • 1 plastic mesh canvas- any color, although I chose black (similar to this one at Michaels)
    • Acrylic paint, any color
    • Paint brushes

All of these materials cost me under $4!

I ended up painting the majority of my frame green with black along the inner and outer edges. I also blended a little bit of black on the front so the color contrast wouldn’t seem so harsh.

Create Pray Love | DIY Earring Organizer

How do you currently organize your earrings & jewelry? Have any questions about how I made this? Let me know in the comments!

And if you do decide to make one, feel free to show me how yours turn out!

Create Pray Love

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    Lori Kline
    March 11, 2016 at 6:40 pm

    Where do you keep this? On your dresser?

    • Reply
      Create Pray Love
      March 12, 2016 at 9:07 pm

      Yes, on my dresser!

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