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Coffee Filter Flowers Tutorial

Create Pray Love | Coffee Filter Flowers Tutorial

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Hi everyone! I want to share a really easy tutorial with you today on how to make flowers out of coffee filters. I used them as table decorations for my wedding reception & they were not only dirt cheap, but they were exactly the look I was going for!

The original tutorial from Two Shades of Pink can be found here, and I adapted it by adding stems to the flowers so that they could stand up in the mason jars I had for my centerpieces.

The great thing about these flowers is that they can be used for weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, special dinners… the list goes on & on. They’d even look great as home decor hanging out on a bookshelf!

*Full disclosure that affiliate links have been provided in this post for your convenience!

P.S.- Thanks to my wonderful wedding photographers who graciously allowed me to use their photos for this post! I couldn’t resist asking because they got some seriously perfect snapshots of all the reception decorations.




You can make your flowers be any color you want, too. Jessica’s were various shades of pinks & yellows– a perfect combination for Spring! I wanted to add a more rustic touch to my decor, so I decided to make my flowers cream, tan & white.

For the white & tan flowers I didn’t have to do anything to get the color I wanted, which made things really easy. I purchased natural brown coffee filters (such as these*) to create the tan flowers. And I actually used coffee as my dye to turn some of the white filters into a nice, cream color.



If you want to make my adapted version of the flowers with stems, here’s what you’ll need:
& here’s what you’ll do:
  1. Dye your coffee filters first. As I previously mentioned, I only dyed some of mine cream & did so using coffee. To dry them faster, I put them on paper towels & baking sheets, then stuck them in the oven for a few minutes.
  2. Follow the original tutorial & helpful video to create the body of the flowers. This is where your coffee filters, stapler & masking tape come into play. Make sure the masking tape isn’t completely pinched off since your skewer will be glued in there shortly.
  3. Cut each bamboo skewer in half since they are naturally way too long for what you need.
  4. Hot glue one end of the skewer into the base of your flower.
  5. Once your skewer is in place & the glue is dry, wrap the floral tape around the base & stem of your flower. I used my hot glue gun at the beginning and end to ensure the floral tape wouldn’t unravel later.

And you’re done!



To create my “bouquet”, I put four flowers of the same color into mason jar. I tied scraps of navy blue fabric around the mouth of the jar & borrowed some white beans to put in the bottom.

Every jar was then placed on a burlap square & lace doily, along with the rustic table numbers my brother & sister-in-law custom made for me. [Want to see more of their stuff? Follow them on Instagram @ couplecraft0103. They are amazing!]

Hope you liked this & happy crafting!

// Have any questions about how I made these flowers? Want a detailed tutorial on how to dye the coffee filters? Let me know!

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